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About Us



Southern Impact Toys was established in 2016.  As a Dominant in the lifestyle for several years it has been an interest of mine to provide high quality, multifaceted, unique toys.  All the toys are made by hand in the comfort of my home shop.  I have enjoyed learning and exploring all the things that can be done with wood.  I started out with just making simple paddles and canes from wood such as oak, walnut, etc.  My creativity couldn’t stop here; I wanted to do more, so I began picking up unique woods such as zebra wood, purple heart, etc. I went from simple paddles to paddles with unique designs from the BDSM symbol to words that would make extraordinary marks.   My next adventure was to turn handles so that I could have uniquely made canes with wood handles.  I then learned more about leather, rubber, and other materials that I could pair with wood to make creative and useful toys.  I also have a "brother" that helps in the shop.  He is very creative as well and the two of us make a great team. I strive to provide the highest quality toys to the community, every toy I create is a well thought out design that not only is beautiful but that fits well in your hand, is perfectly proportional and can be used in more than one way.   I especially enjoy custom pieces that allow me to further explore my creative side.

Meet the Owner


Hey! I'm Chris.  Being a Sadist and active member in the community, I started making paddles as a hobby. They were going to be  for my own personal use.  I saw there wasn't many options for good quality toys, but there was a market for it.  Each and every piece I make is unique and innovative. I have developed a wide range of toys. From stingy to thuddy or if you would like something sensual to something for intimidation. I am educated and experienced in each and every toy I produce.  My wealth of knowledge and creativity make it easy to do custom designs.  One short conversation with me and I can give you several ideas on what would work best for you and what you would like to accomplish. 

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Legal Disclaimer


Southern Impact Toys makes no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the safety of any of our products. All of our products are sold as novelties only. Furthermore, we accept no responsibility for injuries sustained while using our products. The purchaser assumes all risk and liability of use for all our products.